life Anchors

The Concept of Tensional Integrity

In order to Live Savage, all aspects of your life must intertwine to create the masterpiece that you are capable of becoming. It's not a matter of work/life balance, because that's not achievable. It's about finding tensional integrity or tensegrity. 

This term was coined by Buckminster Fuller, referring to a self-tensioning structure comprised of rigid parts (usually metal rods) and elastic parts (cables or wires). The balance of compression between the rods and cables results in mechanical stability, causing the rods to float within the structure. When pressure is applied to a tensegrity structure, it naturally changes its shape to accommodate. It operates in harmony with its environment.

This is the practice we apply to the Live Savage way of life. And our components or anchors are spirituality, relationships, health, wealth, and self-development. Explore our thoughts and experiences with each of these anchors below.


Creating space for spiritual discovery through daily prayer, weekly bible study, church, meditation, and the art of slowing down.

Where we connect on parenting, date nights, family time, friendships, business networking, and mastermind groups.

Sharing recipes, keto nutrition, fitness and training tips, chiropractic care, massage, yoga for mobility, martial arts, and self-care.


Sharing our experiences as business owners and coaches, and offering thoughts on entrepreneurship, investing, and real estate.

Self Development

Exploring a life of homesteading, hunting, gardening, raising animals, creating healthy mindsets, traveling, and more.